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Sustainable nutritional suplementation – Spirulina

While implementing ever dependable supplementary nutrition program to the mal-nourished children, pregnant and lactating women who came across about Spirulina algae and its nutritive value through health action magazine. In association with one of the board members Mr. Eshwari Kumar, a commercial tax officer we have approached Murugappa Chettair Research Centre, Chennai for technical know-how.

In spite of financial and technical inadequacies with 3 years efforts, we have established a viable production unit to the required scale and undertook an impact assessment study with 100 mal-nourished women. The impact assessment clearly established Spirulina’s importance on addressing the problems like anemia, gynecological problems, general weakness, improvement in breast milk, relief to the diabetics, skin problem and various other micro mal-nutritional manifestation symptoms.

Specialty of our spirulina

In conventional industrial production spirilina slurry is subjected to above 300 degree temperature while converting it into powder.

In our production mechanism product is subjected to sun due to heating drying where in basic nutritional values are not lost

The indication of this can be seen in the color of the product brownish in commercial production green in our production

Further in some of the commercial products the rare ingredient phycocyanine is extracted where in our product it is virgin and total natural produce.

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Spirulina is a blue green algae which has a blend of all the essential Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Pigments and Amino acids required to the human body. It is the nature’s gift to mankind widely known as the wholesome food supplement.

Strengthens the Immune system : Spirulina is rich in provitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Phycocyanin, Carotinoids, Beta Carotene, Polysaccharides and Enzymes in bio-digestible form. It stimulates the production of white blood cells and strengthens the immune system.

Prevents Anemia : Spirulina has chlorophyll (green blood) along with bio-available iron which is structurally similar to haemoglobin of human system. It is also the one and only vegetable source of Cyanocobalamin for effective crythropoesis, and also strengthens the protein sheath surrounding the nerve fibres. The availability of Vitamin B12 is much more than found in a mammal liver, a fact that makes Spirulina most appropriate food for people following strict vegetarian diet.

Improvements against heart ailments and Arthritis: The presence of essential fatty acids like Alfa Gama Linolic acid and Linolic acid makes it a potent tool to curb heart ailments, obesity, arthritis and for proper functioning of cell membranes precursors of prostaglandin, regulating the safety of all tissues, especially those hit by hyper cholesterolic conditions.

Controlls Diabetes: Spirulina provides all the nutrition of a balanced meal without adding calories, carbohydrates and fats to the body. Being unicellular in structure it is easily digestable and absorbed by the body. Ramnose, the rare sugar present in spirulina helps in digestion of glucose present in the food by stimulating the pancreas, there by reducing the sugar levels of diabetic patients. The natural blend of proteins, vitamins, pigments and minerals in spirulina will have accumulative effect in the control of sugar level in the body system. Excessive discharge of protein in urine is one of the common observations / occurrence in Diabetic patients, which leads to giddiness if food, is not taken in time. Since Spirulina supplements the required quantities of proteins, the diabetic patients can with stand irregular diets without feeling tired.

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